About Us

Sick Love was created as a means to inspire conversations that our editor felt were crucial but were commonly brushed over in favour of the commonly reported fashion 'news'. There are so many issues in the creative industries and so many interesting opinions coming from the youth that creating a platform where people were encouraged to express them seemed the only thing to do. 


The zine is a collection of written and fashion work by creatives looking to promote their work whilst remaining socially critical, doing so by highlighting issues that directly affect us and our peer groups, as well as discussing larger social issues. Run by young people for young people, we hope to make our posts both relatable and inspiring for those who read our content.


Sick Love is an independent and currently non-profit platform. However, if you like our work and would like to help us expand and improve you can do so by donating to us! We would be grateful for the support and every penny will go towards feeding our little project. Follow the link below.

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