Art As An Expressive Outlet: Meet 3D Artist Serwah Attafuah

Fusing beautiful landscapes with towering women and celestial bodies, Sydney based creative Serwah Attafuah allows her work to become a method of regaining the power she sometimes feels lacking in. Balancing a musical career alongside this within an anti-colonial metal band, Serwah is an artist who uses her beliefs and ancestral traditions to colour every inch of her work.

We sit down with Serwah to talk about 3D artwork, her music career and the use of art as an emotional outlet.

Hey Serwah! We love your designs, how long have you been making 3D art for?

My first 3D art work dates back to 2013 (age 14)!!! I was honestly just mucking around at the time and saw 3D art more as a fun hobby. I started taking it a bit more seriously when I was 18 and basically doing music full time. I needed a portable visual artistic outlet that could get my mind off music.

You most commonly design very powerful looking women, what do you hope to show through your work?

Sometimes I feel very vulnerable and not so strong so I try to live vicariously through my pieces.

How has it been working for commercial clients and how did you achieve this?

When I was a traditional media artist, I was doing a fair bit of commission work, mostly just for mates and mates of mates just to get more practice. I got commercial jobs in the digital art world just by posting my work on social media and creating

websites. Keeping myself open to any opportunity was also a big must.

What advice would you give to those looking to get into 3D art, especially commercially?

3D is becoming a lot more accessible, which a great thing but it also means theres a lot more competition. When getting started just focus on one area of 3D; if you enjoy making environments then focus on just that, if you love character design then just make characters. Don't try to understand the whole medium at once, trust me none of us fully understand it all and it's better to just focus on something you want to get work in.

You’re also a musician! Tell us a bit about your music?

I'm a guitar player and vocalist! I played in the anti-colonial death metal band DISPOSSESSED, did punk vocals for NASHO and vocals for a hardstyle/ hardcore punk project called MANA.

What are your hopes for 2021 where your music and art are concerned?

I'd really like to merge the two mediums together. Not sure how it will come to fruition but that's a big goal.

To see more from Serwah, check out her instagram, website and shop her amazing designs!