Get to Know: Ella Douglas

"I believe emotion is something that connects us all, therefore I hope for my garments to reach and resonate with all audiences."

Ella Douglas is a designer toying with the notions of art, performance and self expression. They currently study at Central Saint Martins, creating avant-garde sculptures fused with themes of social commentary and queerness. Douglas plays with the boundary between art and fashion, merging her love of performance art within her work.

We caught up with Ella to learn more about their practice and what they have planned for the future:

Hey Ella, we love your designs! What inspires you as an artist?

I'm inspired by the unusual. I want to create sculptural showpieces that shock my audience. I am inspired by the performance of emotion. Every piece I create I intend to reach my audience emotionally. I want them to feel shocked, inspired or even question my work. I believe emotion is something that connects us all, therefore I hope for my garments to reach and resonate with all audiences.

You also make performance work, how does performance reflect itself in your designs?

I love performance art, I believe it’s freeing. I use performance to embody the concept behind my designs. Fashion is an art form so It is essential to look for inspiration across pathways. To me, performance art lets me step inside my designs and perform to my audience.

Your work treats fashion as an art form, how do you feel this fits into the wider industry?

Fashion isn’t just static clothing. I aim to blend the lines between art and fashion. How we choose to dress is an artistic expression of our identity. Therefore I believe it’s necessary to design garments as art forms.

What do you wish to communicate in your work?

I want my work to express stories of queerness through pushing the boundaries of fashion. For me fashion is art, fashion is political, fashion is all around us. How I choose to present my work is a reflection of me, therefore I always stay true to myself. My work communicates who I am; A Queer 20 year old living In London expressing myself through fashion.

What changes do you hope to see in the fashion industry in the next 10 years?

In the next 10 years I hope to see immense change within the fashion industry. We all know it needs to change. We all need to change our fixed ways and design for a better future. Once more it would be amazing for more young creatives to bloom without the backing of huge funding and nepotism. I hope more young creatives gain exposure because of their talent.

What’re your plans for the future?

In the future I hope to have my own brand. I want to produce collections which provoke the boundaries of fashion. I want ‘Ella Douglas’ to inspire people and allow them to express themselves however they wish. It would be a dream to see people wearing my designs.

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