Get to Know: Tom Marshak

"In my photography, I want to capture a moment, that without a photograph would only be a memory and will eventually fade."

Tom Marshak is an Israeli queer photographer who has recently moved to London whilst continuing to travel the world capturing moments of the night and the intimacies they behold. Tom has been interested in photography from a young age but his "family didn't really acknowledge art and didn’t approve of me going to art school." Even so, he has "always had pocket analog cameras" with him "almost all the time", continuing to feed his interest in photography.

Tom's work focuses on the "underground local scene" in Tel Aviv, which he says wasn't specifically queer "because it was always quite a mix of beautiful and interesting people wanting to express themselves freely and enjoy life in their own way."

Speaking on his photographic style, Tom reveals "In my photography, I want to capture a moment, that without a photograph would only be a memory and will eventually fade. My fascination with opposites, the discovery of strangeness in the everyday ended up in me creating ‘A Diary’, my ongoing documentary project made of memories since the year 2011. Through my lens, I examine my own view of life and myself."

Tom has just recently moved from Tel Aviv to London. "When I first arrived in London, I was excited to experience so many different scenes in one weekend, from Punk to Techno and ending with Disco, a mixture of colors and energies. This is the opposite to Tel-Aviv, where the scene is mostly electro-techno music, more similar to Berlin’s nightlife."

Impressed with London's nightlife, Tom has decided to stay, but is an avid traveler "I try to live in and outside of the box, not being stuck in the city and travel around as much as possible, I attracted to cultures and people in general."

"Queer originally means “strange” or “peculiar” and I’m attracted to investigate what strange is all about. for me to travel in different cities or countries, document and collect portraits and images into one ongoing body of work gives an interesting way of looking and comparing.

Speaking on his Inspirations, Tom reveals "my inspirations began from Weegee, when I so his images for the first time I really understood that's what attracts me, as well as Man Ray. Although the diversity of both of them shows humankind in the most interesting and fascinating way."

Tom's work is obviously influenced by club culture, and I was curious to find out how Corona had effected his practice. "My photography definitely changes in that period of the Corona times, with less darkness and opposite the colors of the night. Sometimes is difficult for me to find those places during the everyday routine but new things happen, the surface changes a bit, we just need to know where or how to look for it."

Make sure you follow Tom on Instagram and check out his Website to see his latest work.

Write up by Isobel Gorman-Buckley