Imagery - Cave Corral

Cave Coral follows a sci-fi cowgirl as she conquers the Cornish coastline. Feathers and diamonds pour from her creating new silhouettes that mimic the structure and glistening textures of the caves. Night and day collide, styled to reveal old and new tales of womanhood. Empowering visions of the future against a backdrop lost in time.

Fran Rowse is an emerging fashion photographer who’s passionate about female identities, empowerment and the heritage of Cornwall. Based in the heart of the South West, Her work offers us a window into the lives and dreams of women growing up in Cornwall. The photos themselves capture moments of surreal magic in the homes, streets, and rich landscapes of Cornwall.

Art Direction and Photographer - Fran Rowse

Stylist - Sasha Sadies

Assistant - Eleanor Gow

Model - Amelia Rae

Hat - Western Affair