Imagery - Mudd Pearl

"The way a pearl is created is similar to the human condition of healing. The oyster creates a smooth coating around a small trauma in order to co-exist with it and each method of protection is so individualised it could never be exact. Holding a pearl is like holding a physical manifestation of one's own resilience."

Models Lovisa Lager and Jabari Flemings wearing MuddPearl, shot by Carolyne Lore.

Founded in February of 2021 by Yasmin Moon & Mary Anderson, MuddPearl has already developed a growing cult following. The idea around the brand started with replicating the healing mechanics of an oyster. We value community, beauty in irregularities, and of course hot girl shit. Every MuddPearl is handmade through a delicate process of stringing individual pearls--while curating the brand's signature aesthetic of organic symmetry. Each piece can act as grounding totems, works of art, or both.