Meet: Geneivah

“I want to remain authentic. I want to be as real with myself and my audience as I can be.”

I sat down for coffee with Geneivah on the day she released her new single. She is clearly excited and understandably nervous; putting yourself out there creatively is a big deal. Her single is titled 'Fear' and is all about overcoming them. Opening up about this, Geneivah tells me “you get opportunities in life to prove yourself and overcome fear, most of which is in your head anyways! The feeling of inferiority which so many of us feel really hinders our progression and this negative attitude can make you afraid you’re not good enough, not young enough, and I wanted to talk about this in the song as I feel it effects so many people.”

This is something that really hit home with me - as I feel it does with a lot of creative people - as your work is such a personal expression it can lead to intense self-doubt. Geneivah agrees, “I play this song to calm myself down because it is scary putting yourself out there like this, but the message I am trying to convey is that the barriers we build up in our head are complete fiction and however scary it seems, it is something we need to overcome to get the best out of ourselves, creatively and otherwise. One of my lyrics is literally ‘it’s an illusion', because it is! I used to tell myself I was too old to release music - I'm 27! That I couldn’t because I'm a mum. Only now do I realise how silly that all sounds.” Not that this is easy to do. “My main fear is about how people are going to perceive me. That’s a big one for me. I want people to listen to my song and let the words calm them like they do me, because I feel so many people are scared of judgement like I am. It takes a long time to overcome your fears and to work on bravery, it is a constant battle and something I try and work on every day,  but the more you push at it the greater effect it has on your life.”

Geneivah’s son Chris is with us - from what I have seen in the media, I feel that ‘pop’ is always trying to portray an image of youth and perfection and hide the real human elements of its stars from the public eye. Talking about motherhood, Geneivah admits “it is hard, having to juggle being an attentive mum and creating a career for myself, but it’s what makes my journey unique. Times are changing, and people used to have to fit into a mould of what they were trying to be as an artist, but people are becoming less judgemental I would like think and are more interested in seeing life for what it really is. And my son inspires me so much! I do it for the both of us, I want to show him that it’s important to follow your dreams.”

“I want to teach my son what life really is, and that it isn’t always smooth sailing. Perfection isn’t sustainable. I learnt this growing up in church. You put your hope into something that seems flawless, but when you find out the flaws in things it makes it hard to trust. But there is beauty in imperfection and learning to embrace it.” As a perfectionist myself I took this on board, as I understand the struggle when presented with flaws to overcome your own judgement - especially of your own work - and embrace what you have created for its unique and personal nature. “people forget there are highs and lows” Geneivah tells me, “and it’s about riding with both, as everything begins from somewhere with a lot of problems along the way.”

Fear is being released by Trash Like You Records, a platform helping womxn and non-binary artists release their first singles. “There was such a peace when I met them, and I felt like they got me. I am always really cautious about interest in my work as I find It hard to trust – which is a bad thing – but they have been so great and they have understood the message that I am trying to convey completely, as well as organising my headline show!” On the 11th of March, Geneivah will be headlining at the Sebright Arms with two supporting acts. Speaking of her plans for the future, Geneivah tells us, “I just want to gig at the moment and am looking to release a 2nd single this year but building an audience for myself is my main priority right now. I have a lot of music ready though I have been writing since I was 13!”

After leaving Geneivah and Chris, I feel inspired. It is clear she is passionate about her work, and her honesty and determination has made me think about my own. In an industry obsessed with image and perfection, it is so refreshing to meet someone who is both down to earth and confident in their approach. Her attitude is infectious and will hopefully continue to spread. We could all live with a little less fear.

Tickets are available for Geneivah’s headline show HERE

Listen to ‘Fear’ now, available on all streaming platforms:

Photographer - Fraser H-N

Model - Geneivah

Makeup Artist - Nayiri Gharibian

Interview, Styling and Direction - Isobel Gorman-Buckley